Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in Pune

When you need a reliable and dependable institute for aeronautical engineering in Pune, we are there to provide you world-class technical education and unmatched excellence. At Sha-Shib we offer a plethora of degree and diploma courses in the field of aeronautical engineering. Being ISO 9001:2008 Certified AME Institute, we carry the best quality standards.

We are the most preferred aeronautical engineering college Pune. Our goal is to open incredible career opportunities in the field of aviation to our students. We know that it is possible by offering the best technical education and hands-on experience. Our faculty doesn’t put a stone unturned to make the students conceptually sound. The teachers are highly qualified and possess rich industrial experience.

Our students are highly valued in the competitive marketplace and greatly regarded for their subject matter knowledge. With the hyper-focus on quality, our students climb high on the career path. They shine distinctly in the crowd. We ensure that students take their passion for aeronautics to the professional world so that they enjoy each moment of their career. Our efforts rate us one of the best aeronautical colleges in Pune.

Our specialized courses

Aeronautical Engineering becomes incredibly popular in the modern times because of bright job prospects. It is not merely an extension of Mechanical Engineering, but it is a specialized branch altogether. The branch deals with the latest technology always, and we strive hard to keep them appraised with the latest.

Undergraduate Courses

The objective of the undergraduate course is to train the students about the fundamental concepts of Aeronautical Engineering. The course structure aptly focuses on the theoretical and practical knowledge of aerospace engineering, structural mechanics, thermodynamics, and propulsion. Elective courses offer a broad spectrum of topics to choose from. We offer sufficient practical exposure and hands-on experience in our well-equipped lab that is one of the best labs offered by an aerospace engineering college in Pune.

The importance of Computerization doesn’t get overlooked by our course designers. Computer skills are the part and partial of our course structure. Fundamental knowledge is imparted to all. Those who want to explore it further may opt for elective topics related to automation of aerodynamic engineering.

Post-Graduation Courses

Post Graduation programs are specialized courses where students opt for aerodynamics and structural mechanics. PG programs make students proficient in the respective subjects.

Career Prospects

Students have great job prospects after completing courses from our institute. Other than civil aviation, they get ample openings in defense and R&D, space research organizations, aeronautical engineering institutes, and several other areas. They can opt for management or civil services as well. Students want to pursue the field of Aeronautical Engineering can go for higher education or research in the field of aerospace Pune.

We have an industrial and institutional connection that helps our students to explore a flourishing career in the field. Our placement officers work hard to place the students in the best companies. Your quest for the best aeronautical engineering college Pune stops at Sha-Shib. Come to the pioneer institute and fly the career high!