Aeroplane Engineering

Aeroplane engineering is now widely known as aeronautical engineering. It is one of those degrees that represent an individual’s capacity to dealing various branches of engineering like science and technology, construction, development, design and research of aircraft. In this field you will also cover investigation into characteristics of aerodynamic aircraft which includes behaviours and other related factors like dragand lift, control surfaces and airfoil. In past few years, Aeroplane engineering has become overlapping and very significant branches of the two which are:

  • Astronautical engineering and
  • Aerospace engineering.

If you are fascinated about the methodology and history of flying machines and their whereabouts which gave the conceptual sketches from Leonardo Da Vinci about famous 1903 Wright brothers’ flight to modern and sophisticated progress jets then Aeroplane engineering is definitely your degree.

More about Aeroplane Engineering

  • Course structure and entry requirements in the engineering course
  • Specializations and
  • Career options
  • You will notice that Aeroplane engineering degree has two degree courses one is the bachelor’s degree which is referred as a BEng (Bachelor of Engineering) and second is the master’s degree which is referred as MEng (Masters in Engineering). The bachelor degree course is an undergraduate course which is generally for 3 to 4 year course. On the other hand master degree course is a two year degree course which is a post graduate course.

    But many institutions provide students to directly progress into master degree course. This increases the time period of the course. So the total time period would be 5 years to become post graduate in aeronautical engineering.

    But in usual cases students first opt for bachelor degree course and then they select the master degree course. By choosing this way students can easily perform well and they can slowly progress in the advanced subjects of master degree course. We offer associate degree programs to the students that are actually reserved for professionals practicing aeronautical engineering. This associate course is also a graduate degree course and even leads to good career opportunity to the students.

    Teaching here is not limited to lecture based. We allow students to go deep into research, complete their entire coursework, attend tutorials if they even miss it, and perform laboratory exercises and also to participate in field trips. We allow students to work individually and in groups also so that they can become independent and smart. Working in groups may help them a lot in future. We let students study so that their graduate programs do not gets disturbed with the extracurricular activities; various assessments are also given to them in between course work projects and examinations. This helps them in gaining additional markings.

    Requirements to get entry in aeronautical engineering degrees

    To get entry into this course you will have to highly competent in physics and mathematics as you would be rigorously tested in these two subjects. If you are an international student then your English would also be tested. You have to prove that you are proficient in standardized exams like IELTS.