Indian Aerospace & Engineering, Mumbai

Indian Aerospace & Engineering is purely a Technical Institute run by Kohinoor Educational Services Pvt.Ltd, which is approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, (Govt. of India) for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course at Mumbai center. .

JMD, D-511, TTC, Industrial Estate, MIDC Area Near Turbhe Police Station ,Turbhe, Navi Mumbai-400705

INDIAN AEROSPACE & ENGINEERING is purely a Technical Institute run by Kohinoor Educational Services Pvt.Ltd., which is approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, (Govt. of India) for Three Years course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Navi span Mumbai Center. Training is based as per the DGCA syllabus. The training programme for the course is designed  specifically to meet the needs for employment & professional advancement in dynamic & rapidly growing field of Aviation.

The facilities are mentioned below :-

  • Spacious & ventilated class rooms.
  • Institute is having its own Aircraft. 
  • Hi-tech computers lab, having more than 25 coloured notes, with Internet facilities etc. 
  • Most modern library with latest books, Periodicals, Magazines and Journals in Aviation, Computer, Electronics,
    Science, Engineering subjects etc. 
  • Projectors, Audio/Visual facilities or also available.
  • Competent & Committed faculty on related subjects.
  • All conceivable facilities including Canteen, Pool games, Tennis cort, Badmintion, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket etc.
  • Separate hostel facilities for both boys & girls with in house mess.

In the coming years the society plans to setup a number of faculty like Medical, Engineering, Air hostess,Management, Polytechnic, Marine Courses etc. The campus is still under further construction to meet the requirements ahead.


To review study people from foreign countries and other such candidates nominated by the Government of India for admission against reserved seats under the various scholarship schemes are eligible for admission if they satisfy prescribed minimum qualification subject to a maximum of 5 seats.Such self financing foreign students whose application are endorsed by the Government of India will be exempted from tests subject to their fulfilling the prescribed eligibility condition. Either they should apply direct or through the mission of their Respective countries in India. No such an application can be entertained unless it is endorsed by Govt. of India.


The lectures are delivered in both English & Hindi. Examination conducted by the Examination Authority is in English. As we have generally seen that the newly admitted students in the Engineering courses are weak in English. They feel great difficulty in pursuing their studies in English. For such students the Institute would manage coaching in English language for a very nominal fee.


90% Attendance per subject per semester is essential to each individual students.


Ragging among the Junior and Senior students is strictly prohibited within and out of the premises of the Institute. A cordial relationship among the students is desirable and any violation of the disciplinary rules may put a students in to a serious trouble.


Three days continuous absents are pardonable but after that a fine will be charged for per day absence.
Sickness leave must be accompained by medical certificate issued from a registered medical practitioner. If a student remain absent from Institute for a prolonged period without any reasonable intimation his name is likely to be struck off.


The Admission Fee & the Other Fee paid by the student is spent on the Institute for providing better facilities to the students and also to meet the huge advertisement expenses, maintenance and other related activities to provide quality in education. Hence no refund of fee is permissible once a candidate has been admitted to the institute. The fee and the other charges once paid will under no circumstances be refundable, transferable or adjusted even if a student does not attend even a single class. Students discontinuing in the middle of the course will forfiet the fee, other charge and security deposit.


The director reserves to himself the right to mark additions or alteration to the existing rules, working hours, time table, fee structure and mode of learning as may be deemed necessary from time to time.


In case of any dispute between the management of the Institute and students, parents or guardian only the civil court in Mumbai will have legal jurisdiction.


White shirt, Oxford Blue Pant, Black Tie, Oxford Blue Blazer, Black Shoes, White Socks


Same as for Boys instead of Oxford Blue Blazer, Oxford Blue Tunic

An enriched library is an essential requisite of an Engineering or Technical Institution. the library mirror the current advancement occuring in the sphere of Technology & Engineering. We also provide Audio / Video facilities for the better understanding of the subjects. To satiate the need of the students the Institute has established a library which has a vast accumulation of plenty of authenticated books on various branches of Engineering & Technology..


  • The membership of the library is open to all the students of the institute who had paid their library fees.
  • A students desirous to borrow books from the library must have an identity card issued by the institute.
  • Only one book is issued at a time to a student.
  • Reference book will be issued to the student.
  • No book can be issued twice a month to a student.
  • There is a provision of study of the reference book in the Library room itself.
  • The Mutual transfer of the allotted books are not allowed among the borrowers.
  • The books will be issued to the students only on allotted time and date.
  • The students will be solely responsible for any damage or loss of the book caused by him other and he / she may be asked to replace it.
  • A student can retain a Book for 7 days only with him/her.
  • A fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged for the extra keeping of the Book.

The Institute provides Hostel Accommodation to the students coming from outstation. For female students there is a separate provision for hostel accommodation. Hostel remains compulsory.


  • For admission to the hostel the students will have to apply in the prescribed application form separately .
  • The first comers will be adjusted first in the hostel. The principle of “First Come First Serve” will be applied in the cases for admission to the hostels.
  • The hostel fee have to be deposited at a lump-sum for one year (only lodging charges)
  • The students will have to abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel living.
  • The prescribed hostel fee will have to be deposited within time by the student admitted to the hostel.

The mess will be fully managed & shared by the students. Students are liable to pay the actual cost of their share. Mess too remains compulsory for hostellers. In the Annual Hostel Fee Mess charges is not included.


  • While entertaining their guests the boarders will have to write to the warden for permission.
  • Female visitors are not allowed in the boys hostel and vice-versa.
  • Admission rights for the guests and the visitors are reserved with the warden.


  • The allocation of the rooms to the students is subject to their depositing the concerned hostel fees to the Institute.
  • The boarders are not allowed to interchange their rooms.
  • The warden can shift the students from one room to the other without assigning any reason.
  • Extra electrical appliances such as heaters, air conditioner, coolers, reflectors, radio. T.V. etc. are not allowed within the boarding room.
  • The roll call time is 9 P.M. when each boarder is to be within the hostel premises.
  • Absentees will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5.00 per day.
  • The institute will equip the room with a study table, a cot, a tube light, and bulbs etc. When the hostellers vacate the room he/she will leave all the furniture and light fittings as such.
  • The furniture of one room will not be transferred to the other room by any of the hostellers.
  • Cooking or boiling of any sort is not allowed inside the hostel rooms.
  • Table lamps, lock and key are not provided by the Institute. The hosteller will arrange these for himself/herself.
  • The inmates are required to keep the rooms neat and clean. The sanitary sense ought to have been observed by them.
  • During the institute study hours the boarders should not remain with in their rooms. If found, they may be fined.
  • Smoking, gambling and the use of intoxicants or the video cassettes strictly prohibited within the premises of the hostel.
  • No explosive can be brought stored with in the premises of the hostel.
  • The hostel fee have to be deposited at a lumpsum for one year (including lodging & boarding)
  • For any damage to the room wares the dwellers shall be solely responsible and they will have to bear the expenses incurred in the repair.
  • The boarder will have to undergo their medical checkup from time to time.
  • Dwelling outside the hostel premises after 9 p.m. will not be allowed without the written permission of the warden.
  • Girls will be allowed after query from their parents or guardians.
  • The hostels are provided with common bathrooms and modern style toilets.
  • Hostel fee too remain non refundable. Caution money however, be refundable with due deduction, if any.
  • Obedience and discipline are the most essential requirements for stay in the hostel.
  • Any act of indiscipline and moral depravity may throw a student to suspension for a definite period or even expulsion from the institute outright.
  • The above rules are tenacious and are subject to change any time at the discretion of the warden or the person of the institute. The warden will observe the obeyance of the aforesaid and regulations.
  • The decision of the warden on any time of the hostel affairs shall be final and binding on the boarders. It will always remain unquestionable.
  • Hostel and mess remains compulsory to all outstation students unless and until for special reasons.

As we know that aircraft is very expensive & sophisticated machine which needs precise handling & proper maintenance of its occupants & machine itself. To accomplish this highly skilled persons are required who should be thoroughly conversant with the Aircraft and its systems. Aircraft Engineering course is a licence course approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India related with Maintenance & Repairs of Aircraft.

Institute has taken up the task to fulfill the need of properly trained technical persons for the aviation industries. As we know that the demand of maintenance engineers is always high for which trained technical people is in demand. IAE focusses on developing students for the fulfillment of the demand of Maintenance Engineers in Aviation Industries.

Total training period will be of three years which enables a candidate to prepare directly for AME licence. Three years training program is arranged in Six Semester. First Five Semesters are equally divided into Theoretical & Practical Classes & Sixth Semester contains ‘On The Job Practical Triaining’ only. The concept of theory and practical classes will, not only develop the manual skill essential for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering but also give thorough concept of Aircraft and its systems to the student.

Looking at today’s global expansion in aviation sector the future will offer immense job opportunity to AME license holders in Airlines, Corporate Sector & Training Academy in India and Abroad. Job opportunities have multiplied in recent times since globalisation has resulted not only in a number of private Airlines operating in the sector but new International Airlines have also started operations in India.

As compared to other courses the students need a well organised planning for studies. Students should be well disciplined, dedicated and must maintain punctuality towards their studies. There is no short cut to success. We are not at all interested to complete the course as soon as possible but we rely on better understanding with the students, so as to get better and easy success in their examination. “Students’ success is our motive”.

As far as parents guidance is as much importance as teachers. Parents are better equipped with the career of their children. We can foster the inner potentiality of the candidate & can put him/her on the right track where in the candidate besides acquiring Technical & Non Technical knowledge shall as well develop a moral & intellectual personality. As such parent should be in constant touch with their wards by coming to the college at times to find progress made or failure encountered by them. Parents and teachers can jointly solve their problems, if any.

INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS & ENGINEERING is Approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India for the following A.M.E.(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.) course at Bhopal Center for Basic License covering Light Air Craft and Piston Engine.


(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)
Mechanical Stream
( Piston Engine , Jet Engine , Light
Aeroplane, Heavy Aeroplane )
(Aircraft Maintenance Engineering)
Avionics Stream
(Electrical System,Instrument System,Radio &Navigation)



Students of any Nationality may be admitted for the A.M.E. course. The minimum Educational qualification is as below:

  • Passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry & Maths

Apart from any of the student shall be subjected to a Medical Examination before they are admitted to the Institute, by a Doctor (To be attested & certified by Registered Medical Practitioner holding at a least MBBS degree).

Successful Candidates after passing A.M.E. course is having wider opportunities in Govt. Sectors, Flying clubs / institutes, Private Flying clubs /Institute . Air Taxi / Cargo Operators etc.

  Air Works India Ltd.
  Blue Dart.
  Deccan Aviation
  Raymonds Ltd.
  Sahara India Airlines
  Saraya Aviation (P) Ltd
  Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd.
  Trans Bharat Aviation.
  U.B. Air etc.
  Jet Airways
  Sahara Airlines
  Jagson Airlines
  Lufthansa Cargo India etc.
  Air India.
  Indian Airlines.
  Alliance Air,
  Pawan Hans Ltd.
  Reliance Industries Ltd.
  TISCO Ltd.
  Coal India Ltd., etc.


Application for admission to the course should be made in prescribed form, which is attached with the prospectus. Application Forms with Properly & Correctly filled in block letters should be send along with Registration fees of  Rs 20,000. & Candidate seeking admission to the course should attach the following documents with the Application form.

  • Medical form dully filled & Signed by a Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Three Attested Copies of the Mark-sheet of qualifying Examination.
  • Conduct Certificate.
  • Admission Fee.
  • Registration Fee.
  • Five Passport Size Photographs.
  • Four self addressed envelopes of size 9″ x 4″ bearing the postal stamps worth Rs. 25/- each.
  • A Demand Draft of the prescribed fees at the time of admission should be in favour of INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS & ENGINEERING payable at BHOPAL, must be submitted along with the Admission Form. The Admission Fee is to be sent accordingly. The fees are also acceptable in cash.

“(Shashib Scholarship and Aptitude Test 2012) An Entrance Test” is the principle adopted by the authority of the Institute while providing admission to the selected candidates. In case a candidate deserves admission but due to the unavailability of seats he is not admitted, in such case the student can reserve their seat for the next session by depositing prescribed fees in advance to secure their seats.

In case a student does not receive any information regarding his or her admission within 20 days after the submission of complete application form, he or she should immediately get in touch with the Institute authority either personally or through correspondence.

The candidate with outstanding qualification will always be preferred for admission.

Admission for foreigners would be taken under the rule framed by the Govt. of India, State Govt. & DGCA from time to time. Foreign student can obtain Prospects & Application Form on payment of US $ 10. NRI Sponsored candidate seeking admission should submit sponsor certificate if required along with the admission form as per Govt. / DGCA rules.

To be eligible for appearing in any Examination a Student/Trainee should have been present for at least 80% of the Training Period.

The following Rules & Regulations of Institute shall be observed strictly.

  • Every student will strictly adhere to the rules & regulation of the Institute. They should be neatly dressed.
  • Students should maintain the Tuition Notes & Record of Practical Work up to date. Tuition Notes & Practical Records will be checked by the Instructor every month. He/She should have a set of their own A.M.E. text books related with their subjects & tool kits of their own.
  • When syllabus is completed as per the lesson planning, the students Tuition Notes & Workshop Records should be deposited to Chief Instructor ( C.I. ) for his scrutiny.
  • Late comers should report to the C.I. before entering classes. In the absence of C.I/ Dy. C.I will deal with such cases & inform to the Chief Instructor. No student is allowed to leave class /workshop without the permission of the Instructor in-charge of the class/workshop superintendent.
  • All leave Application will be addressed to the C.I. who is the sanctioning authority. Students absent themselves without leave for more than a week should obtain the permission of the C.I before attending the next class. Minimum of 80% attendance is compulsory for every student to sit for the semester exam or he/she shall be debarred from the Exam.
  • In addition to our practical facilities students are required to pay the actual cost (which will be nominal) for the practicals if any arranged with other organisations.

Ragging among Junior & Senior Students is strictly prohibited with in & out of premises of the Institute. A cordial relationship among the student is desirable & any violation of the disciplinary rules may put a student into a serious trouble.

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course?
It is one of the highly rewarding technical courses with immense job opportunities for 10+2 science students and 3 years Diploma holders leading to issue of licence from Director General of Civil Aviation (D.G.C.A.), Govt. of India for maintaining aeroplanes as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The course is approved and conducted in training institutes approved by D.G.C.A., Govt. of India.

Who is Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is the sole responsible for the maintenance and overhaul of aircraft, aero engine, instruments, electrical and radio equipment and their accessories. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer issues the certificate of flight release which declares the aircraft airworthy and fit for flying.

What is the importance of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in the Aviation field?
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the key person who is responsible for the upkeep of the aircraft and maintain it to the standard of International Civil Aviation.

Who can become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?
For AME training course, the candidates shall have passed minimum 10+2 class with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry from a recognised board or university or its equivalent.

What is the duration of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course and pattern?The total training period of the course is three years covered in six semesters.

Job Opportunities and placement?
Some important organisations where the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers find placement.
Indian Airlines, Air India, Air India Chartered Services, Alliance Air, Pawan Hans Limited, Flying Training Institutes of all states in India, A.M.E. Training Organisations, Agro Aviation, Public Sector (SAIL/ONGC), Big business having their own aviation wings, State Govt. Aviation Department, National Airport Authority, National Remote Sensing Agency, Director General of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, Coast Guard (Central Govt.), Jet Airways, Sahara Air Lines, Deccan Aviation Pvt. Limited, U.B. Airways, Jagson Air Lines, MESCO Air Lines, Private Air Taxi Operators, H.A.L. (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), N.A.L.(National Aeronautical Laboratory), T.A.A.L. (Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited), Air Deccan, Kingfisher Airlines, Spice Air etc.

Is there any un-employment in A.M.E. compared with other professional courses?
As on today Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence holders are in acute shortage. Very few A.M.E. licence holders are unemployed, whereas in the other technical fields there is a lot of unemployment.

Can a person holding degree in Aeronautical Engineering work as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?
If a person possessing degree in any branch of Aeronautical Engineering desires to become an AME he / she should have AME licence issued by DGCA ( Govt. of India ) for which he / she has to acquire practical work experience as stipulated in Civil Aviation Requirements and pass the AME licence papers conducted by D.G.C.A. thereafter.

What is the salary and perks of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers?
Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers salary is very lucrative and very attractive perks. A.M.E.s are some of the highly paid professionals.

Is there any equivalency to this course and who issues the licence?
Till date there is no equivalency to this course. Only those persons can become Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who have undergone the training in aviation and passed the A.M.E. licence examination papers conducted by D.G.C.A. (Govt. of India) who is the sole authority for issuing licence to Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Pilots in civil aviation in India.

Is there any age barrier to pass the licence papers, to get employment and to get retirment?
Absolutely no age barrier to pass the paper and to obtain the licence. There is no age limit for the purpose of employment, in most of the companies there is no age bar for the retirement. A.M.E.s are in acute shortage hence licenced engineers remain employed as long as they are medically fit, except in the Govt. Organizations where retirement at a particular age is mandatory but after retirement also he/she can work as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in private Sector.

What is the scenario of Civil Aviation?
Civil Aviation in India has progressed rapidly in the past few years and contributed a lot in the economic development of the country. The rapid expansion of civil aviation industry is due to globalization of trade, liberalisation and upward mobility in large middle class of Indian population.

Candidates appearing for current semester will not be promoted to the next semester till candidate clears the previous semester exams. In consecutive two attempts if the candidate is not clearing the reexam paper then candidate will be back faced. For eligible to appear the re exam one should clear atleast one paper otherwise the candidate would not be allowed to appear the exam consequently leading to the semester back and required to pay tution fee again.

The admission fee & other fee paid by the student is spent on the Institute for providing better facilities to the students & also to meet the huge advertisement expenses, maintenance & other related activities to provide quality in education. Hence no refund of fee is permissible once a candidate has been admitted to the Institute. The fee & the other charges once paid will under no circumstances be refundable, transferable or adjusted even if a student does not attend even a single class. Students discontinuing in the middle of the course will forfiet the fee, other charge & security deposit.

In case of any dispute between the management of the Institute & Students, Parents or Guardian only the civil court in Bhopal will have legal jurisdiction.

For Workshop :
1. Overall of Grey Colour
2. Leather Shoes/ Rubber Soled Shoes
3. A Pair of Black Shoes

>For Classroom :
1. Oxford Blue Trousers with a Black Leather Belt, Oxford Blue Blazers
2. White Shirt with one Front Pocket with Monogram, Shoulders Flaps & a Blue Tie.
3. A Pair of Black Shoes