We, Sha-Shib group provide classic learning experience to our students so they can excel in the field of their career. We offer various courses like technical education, management programs etc. We have many branches across India having best infrastructure to meet the students’ need undergoing Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft maintenance Engineering, B.Ed. and various other programs. Keeping in view the result and placements of the students, Hindustan Aerospace & Engineering located at Pune is the best option for students desirous of pursuing aircraft maintenance engineering course and become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in various Airlines. Courses for aircraft engineering: Students who are pursing aircraft maintenance engineering are taught the typical subjects that cover civil aviation rules, aerodynamics, aircraft maintenance, aircraft structure, its design, logistics, business applications in engineering, modern aircraft technology, etc. The students will gain hands on competencies in the application of structural analysis of aircraft, aircraft development and design, control systems of aerospace equipments and much more. The students will understand how to work on structural and sophisticated integrity of aircraft both small and heavy aircrafts. . Our colleges: You can find our aeronautical engineering colleges in Pune, Mumbai, Bhopal, Bangaluru, Bhubaneswar, Cochin, Guna and pursue aircraft maintenance engineering and subsequently get AME license after passing all the exams successfully. In the present scenario as the air traffic is increasing, the need of airplanes is also increasing day by day and therefore opting for this course will certainly be helpful to students who dream about building their career in the aviation industry. Successfully completion of your education from any of our institutes will certainly help you advance your career swiftly and reach higher in life. If you are interested to pursue the aeronautical engineering from our institute in Pune, you will find the atmosphere of the institute highly pleasing, and you will learn all types of simple and complex technical issues that will make you a good aircraft engineer and you can progress in any of the major aerospace companies and get a fruitful career which you always desired. The course covers lot of interesting things to learn and it will make your analytical and mathematical skills more advanced. You will find yourself as a skilful aircraft engineer. We understand that the duties of pilots and aeronautical engineers are immensely calculative and at times you need to face the challenging situations as well. Our course will help you to be proactive and prompt in taking decisions. If you complete B.Ed and other science or management courses, you will be able to perform the job roles quite well in the corporate or business world when needed. We make sure our institute gives a pleasant learning experience to students of various backgrounds. No matter what course you opt for, you will get the right knowledge and experience.